Creative Ways to Hide Your Litter Box in Plain Sight.

As someone who loves cats, I realize cat owners have two major problems across the board. Cleaning your litter box, and where to put it so it’s not an eyesore. We have a solution to both problems; and yes, we are open to receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for this.

Firstly, cleaning your litter box. 

We have an amazing product called SiftEase. It makes cleaning your litter box easier and will save you time and money as you won’t be contaminating your litter anymore. You’ll be using less litter to refill your box and it will take only a little over a minute per box.  Check out our website HERE for details, and the photo below to see how it works!

Ok;  now that we’ve solved how to easily clean your litter box with less stress, let’s talk about how to hide your litter box in plain sight.  There are many clever ways to hide your litter box, Pinterest has some fun examples that we at Clean Litter Club adore.

A Secret Place for Cats

When you live in a small space it is often necessary to keep your litter box in a common area. How can you do that, and not have your guests and families running for the exits? One idea is this cabinet below, you can pick one up at the Habitat Restore or IKEA and with paint and a few tools turn it into a cute cabinet that will hide your box and your SiftEase cleaner. 

There are other clever ways as well;  you can take lattice panels and create your own box to hide the kitty’s potty in; or you can take an old chest, or storage bench and create a nice seating arrangement and a hidy-hole for the litter box.  A side ways lattice laundry basket works well to have a door that opens just for kitty, Jon Snow’s mantle works perfectly making all your guests think it’s just another decorative shelf. They know nothing…even if they’re name isn’t Jon Snow.

Let us know how you hide your litter box in your house, or where you put it. Will you be trying one of these ideas? Keeping it where it is now? Or will you do like I will, toss a laundry basket on the side, and calling it a day?

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