Why Cats Hate Water

As the legends say, cats hate water because of an ancient curse set upon them by the god Posideon thousands of years ago when the…. Wouldn’t that be a good answer to why cats hate water? This idea has become so drenched in our society that water and cats feel like the same connotation of garlic and vampires. Although cats are often witch familiars in stories, no water will actually make a cat melt. But why do cats hate water? Let’s dig into a few reasons why!

I JUST did my hair!

Cats groom themselves by licking, and proceeding to hack up hairballs. If your cat gets into mud or a sticky situation they may need a bath, or to go to a professional groomer. Take care of your cat’s hair by brushing them twice weekly. Some cats have a single coat, while others have a double coat making their fur extra soft and fluffy. Keeping them brushed means less fur on your furniture and less tangles in your cats fur. If it’s simply dirt, your cat may not need a bath, but be wiped with some warm damp towels and brushed out instead.

Don’t dunk me!

If they do need to be bathed, keep in mind your own cat’s temperament. Some cats may not mind a wet towel or just their paws in water. Whatever you do, don’t dunk your cat into a cold bucket of water. This not only traumatizes your cat but can also cause injury to you if your cat tries to claw their way out of the situation.

Being completely drenched means your cat is weighed down by the weight of their fur, and water. Cats hate water in these scenarios. This is extremely uncomfortable for them and can lower their body temperature. Remember that time you got caught in a storm outside without an umbrella and how heavy you felt with your wet clothes? Your cat feels the same way when wet. Although cats may love pawing at the water faucet when running, or testing your bathtub water to see what you are doing in there; don’t take this as a sign they want to join.

Jumping in paws first!

Not all cats hate water, large cats like Tigers, and Lions love to bathe in the water and play. Did you know tigers can actually swim up to 18 miles as they move through their land each day? There are a few domestic cats that enjoy the water as well! Turkish Van and Bengal breeds are well-known for enjoying their time in water and land. Purr-maids anyone?

Each cat is different; tune into what your cat does or doesn’t like. Using a wet warm rag can usually help with every day messes your cat might get into. If your cat has a whisker to tail situation, take them into a groomer. They have experience introducing cats to their process and have cat safe shampoos to help them be clean and comfortable.

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