Cat Facts

Do you love cat facts? Here at Clean Litter Club we do too! We have 3 co-workers who are cats, and we constantly crack up at their ridiculousness. Here are some of our favorite cat facts for you to enjoy, along with shareable memes!

Run, Forest Run!

House Cats can run up to 30 mph! That’s faster than Ursain Bolt. How do you like them apples?

You’re gonna hear me roar

Did you know that cats are 96.8% genetically the same as tigers? This doesn’t mean you can go and buy a tiger, which is only legal, or unregulated in eight states. This means you can be the next Cat King, but not the next Tiger King….which might be for the best.

Yes, I’d like 5 pizzas….for me..I mean it’s for a party….

heaviest cat guiness book of world records cat

Himmy was the heaviest cat in the world breaking the world record and weighs 46.8 pounds. He has passed now, unfortunately. That’s a 1/3 of your average adult human! There was another cat in Russa named Katy, who after being on hormones hit 50 pounds. The Guinness Book of World Records said hold my beer, and put an end to this World Record as people were deliberately overfeeding their cats. Healthy cats for the win.

To Infinity! And Beyond!

A cat has gone where no cat had gone before in 1963! The French used a rocket to launch the first cat into space on October 18th, 1963. The cat’s name was Felicette. She sent her felicitations from space to us mere earthlings and earth cats. Dogs beat cats this ONE TIME, by heading out into space in 1957 with the Russians.

Read it or pet it?

A kindle is an ebook reader, and is also the word you use to call a group of kittens belonging to one momma cat! Either way, we give it 5 stars. The real question is, can you get a kindle to read about kindles while cuddling a kindle? Now try saying that three times fast!

Sleeping Beauty

Sleepy cat meme Shhh brenda cat life how do cats sleep cat facts

Cats spend about 70% of their day sleeping. One of our cat co-workers Mr. Fluffington says he’s dreaming up new marketing strategies, but I think it’s a cover-up. Talking to HR tomorrow…which isn’t much better, Mimsy is a tabby and I think she’s going to take Mr. Fluffington’s side.

A black cat is a split fate across the world

Black cats get a harsh reaction here in the states due to puritan culture, but in England and Japan they are seen a signs of good luck! If you see a black cat cross your path be happy! Most likely it’s getting a mouse that won’t end up in your home!

No Birthday cake here.

Do cats like cake? Cats taste receptors. Cats omnivores

Cat’s don’t have the same taste receptors humans have. Meaning when they taste something sweet, it doesn’t register in their brain like it does ours. This is probably for the best, since your cat isn’t getting lots of excercise with their sleeping throughout the day schedule. That’s okay though, more cake for me.

Deep and wide, deep and wide!

Did you know this cat fact? Cat whiskers are the same width as their body, this way you don’t have to reach around their measurements for their Cat Tux for prom, which is cancelled this year due to Corona…but we can still dress up right?

Cowboy cat cat in a hat cat in the hat clean litter club cat meme

This town ain’t big enough for the both of us.

Cat’s are territorial creatures. Whether they hiss or claw, you’ll know where they stand. Cats will go so far to mark you and the places around the house by pawing them, did you know they have scent glands in their paws? I thought I smelled something strange!

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