The SiftEase: a Better, Easier way to Clean the Litter Box

Wonder what SiftEase is and why you might need it to clean the litter box? They say necessity is the mother of invention. Some folks are allergic to their cats, I, on the other hand, suffer from severe chronic migraines. Lights, sounds, certain foods, and smells trigger my headaches. The litter box was one of those smells.  

SiftEase solved this problem.

We have 3 cats and 3 litter boxes, cleaning our litter boxes twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. We tried the robotic litter box, the sifting litter box, and the self-cleaning litter box. All have the same flaw – clay litter clumps and waste get stuck to the cleaning apparatus and bottom of the litter box, and now you just have a complicated device to take apart and clean.  Like many others, we switched back to the simple top entry litter box and scoop.  

The problem was no matter how many times a day I cleaned the litter box, I could still smell it.

The other problem with cleaning the litter box was that it takes too much time and effort. Digging around in the box looking for cat treasures and then attempt to find a waste bin without getting litter everywhere. Even if you have a sifting or self-cleaning litter box you’re still cleaning the box and sweeping up escaped litter! All of this takes too much time and effort. I was spending 10-15 minutes cleaning litter boxes every day. SiftEase solves this problem. I can now clean all three litter boxes in about three minutes, without having to sweep up a mess afterward. My litter lasts longer and I use less. Best of all, I no longer smell the litter box even if I’m in the same room!

How does SiftEase clean a litter box in under a minute, prevent odors in the litter box, and nix litter escape?  

I’ll tell you.   

Here’s how it works:

clean the litter box with siftease clean litter club litter box smell cat smell urine cat problems when to clean the litter box

SiftEase is fast because it does the work for you preventing litter box odors while it works. You pour the dirty litter from the litter box into SiftEase and it automatically separates clean litter from waste.  There’s no wasted litter and litter is being effectively cleaned so it doesn’t smell. The problem with using a scoop to remove waste is that waste gets mixed in with clean litter leaving you a stinky litter box even after you’ve “cleaned” it. SiftEase solves this problem.

SiftEase saves you money because there’s no wasted litter and clean litter lasts longer! When you pour litter into the sifting basket, ALL of the clean litter falls through to the bin below and only the waste is left in the basket. This works better than sifting litter boxes because wet clumps will not get stuck in the sifting slots.

SiftEase which was pitched to Shark Tank as an invention. Litter box cleaner what do you need to own a cat clean the litter box

SiftEase saves the mess and prevents litter escape. 

The sifting basket is completely surrounded by a bin, meaning litter stays put as you pour. When its time to get rid of the waste, tilt the basket toward the solid side scoop. All the waste is gathered there, where it can CLEANLY be poured into a trash bin or bag for easy disposal.

So there you have it. I created SiftEase to save time, money, mess and odor and most importantly, make light of cleaning the litter box. Subscribe here for our monthly Mews with blog posts, cat facts, sales and more! You can find our SiftEase HERE!

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