Which Corona Cat are you?

During this time of Corona, we here at Clean Litter Club have noticed a trend in how the humans are reacting. To explain this trend and the various responses we have divided them into four types of cats: Crazy Cat, Cozy Cat, Cautious Cat and Creative Cat! Dive in below and let us know which type of ‘Corona Cat’ you are in the comments below!

Crazy Cat

Crazy Corona Cat people are doing everything and nothing all at the same time. Toilet paper? We don’t need anymore, we can’t go to the store! Time for leaves and a bidet investment! These folks feel like they are running in circles and are exhausting themselves between social media, news, and keeping the family fed.

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Although there is ‘not as much’ to do you may feel overwhelmed with everything. This week take a moment to pause and regroup. You don’t have to be a crazy cat. Dancing out to your favorite jam, going for a social distance appropriate run, or picking up the house can help you feel less crazy and more like a chill cat.

Cozy Cat

Cozy Cat folks are buried under blankets binge-watching Disney+. What foods sound good? Soup? Chocolate? Wine? All of the above? This may be you if you are craving comfort foods and slow movement. While the world may be spinning faster and faster, you are aching to disappear and rest for just a minute, or a few weeks. You may be limiting your social media time, or speed-reading through Harry Potter again. Professor Minerva McGonagall as a cat is obviously our favorite character.

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As you wind down and escape, make sure not to disappear entirely from the landscape of the human world. Check-in with family and friends, and remember vegetables in your diet also help you feel better. Try to go for a walk or be outside for a bit to enjoy the sun. Being inside all day for weeks on end can lead to anxiety and depression. Don’t avoid tasks. If you do, it will pile up eventually; try doing a few things each day to take care of yourself and your family.

Cautious Cat

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Cautious Cat folks double-layer their masks and order their groceries for curbside pick up. They didn’t worry about the toilet paper disappearance as they were already couponers before Corona broke out. This may be you if you feel you are taking baby steps into what is possible for reintegration. Your cautiousness lends to cleanliness and taking stock of what you can do with what you have at hand. You may be feeling thrifty and discovering new skills as you make do with what you have. Don’t be daunted by others speed, or excitement. You, Cautious Corona Cat tread carefully and read twice. Take your time, but allow yourself to be hopeful as well.

Creative Cat

Creative Corona Cat folks are finding time to do all of the things. Is this the perfect time to pick up the guitar? Yep! What about work on Grandma’s banana bread recipe? Yes please, I’ll have seconds! Should we clean out the closet and Fung Shui the living room? I think so! Creative Cats are struggling to simmer down in this time; feeling like all of the to-do’s must be and-done’s as soon as possible. Want a new project? Check out our cat DIY Project Here! As this type of Corona Cat maybe you have found yourself signing up for online courses, or once again picking up your coloring pencils. You may also be finishing up a game you started a while back.

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Use your creativity for good and dream up new possibilities! We could be in Corona quarantine for a while; your fresh ideas make the time go by smoother and help us feel united. Be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself to perform. It’s okay to breathe, rest and regroup. Rest is just as important as perfecting your fitted sheet folding skills to the tune of a Brittany Spears for a TikTok video.

Let us know which type of Corona Cat you are! It’s completely possible to be a little bit of each, as well. Here at Clean Litter Club, we are doing our best to bring you some joy, and cat fun in the midst of Corona craziness. If you liked this blog, would you please share it with a friend? Instead of saying our Enneagrams, we can use cat identifiers instead: ‘Excuse me Brenda, but your Cautious Cat is showing’. ‘I’m sorry Carl, I’m having a Cozy Cat day today. I can get the project done tomorrow’. I and my fellow co-worker think it could really catch on! Granted, he’s a cat, but still, it just might work.

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