The Benefits of Having a Cat

Cats bring Joy

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G M’s Cat

There are many benefits of having a cat. Cats make us laugh in so many ways. One of them being the faces they make when we call their names, or ask if they are hungry. GM shared, ‘I love her weird little face’. As humans, we occasionally can take ourselves too seriously. Cats bring us back down to earth, by their play, purrs, and perfect weird faces.

Reduce Stress

Amanda’s Cat Jiji, who sounds like Hagrid’s Motorbike when purring

Our lives can be riddled with upheaval, and not just during COVID-19. When the human world is a mess, our cats remind us to be present and to keep our eyes open to what is right in front of us. Amanda relays, ‘My cat is VERY affectionate, not just with me but everyone. He loves to be pet and snuggled, his purr sounds like a motorbike. Jiji will even drool he loves it so much. He makes me feel wanted and loved and really has been such a great emotional support animal for me the past few months’.

Easy to Take Care Of

Charlie’s sprawled out cat

‘They’re very independent and they’re great for a relatively low maintenance lifestyle, but have such fun personalities so life with a cat is always interesting’ Charlie speaks about their cat. If you don’t like the idea of taking your pet on a walk multiple times a day, a cat might be the best choice for you. Also, who has time for walks, when your cat so obviously wants to snuggle, like this picture of Charlie’s cat!

Lowers Blood Pressure

Waffles preparing for the summer sun

How can you not calm down a little when you can channel your inner villian by petting your cat while the sun sets in the background knowing your plans to take over the world are about to succeed? This calm assurance that you are loved by your cat can reduce your blood pressure and lower your risk for cardiovascular disease according to this study! However, if you aren’t planning on taking over the world, a time to cuddle and hang out with your cat may be just what your body needs. Emma says, ‘Waffle always makes me laugh. Such a derpy cat!’ If that’s not good for your health, I don’t know what is.

Lindsey’s cat with a ‘caught’ leaf

Pest Control

Don’t like rats or mice? Pest control is one of the benefits of having a cat. For Lindsey’s family the cats leave mice on their porch or front steps weekly, prancing up so proud making this “giggle/meow” noise. Not all cats are like this, but if you have a mouse problem, might not be a bad idea to think about getting a cat. Make sure if your cat does bring you ‘sacrifices of the mouse kind’ that they leave them at the door…and not under the bed.

What do you think? Did we miss any benefits? Share your thoughts below, or tell us your favorite part of having a cat!

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