How Cats See in the Dark

Have you ever wondered how cats see in the dark? Where you stub your toe every two minutes they seem nimble and quick? Although cats are also mammals they have special eyes that allow them to be more perceptive in certain situations. No night goggles needed for them!

Cat Eye Magic

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And no, I’m not talking about cat-eye makeup liner although that is a good skill to hone, but about how cat’s eyes have different ratio than we do of rod cells which influences their sight. Cats have a higher ability to see at night, and in more detail. They have 6-8 times more rod cells than we do, which allows them to take in more light. According to Business Insider, “As a result, cats can see using roughly one-sixth the amount light that people need.”

Humans can adjust our pupil dilation to help let in more light to see, but not at the same clarity your cat will have. Much like the iPhone setting to adjust in light and dark, your cat has the ‘absorb as much light possible’ setting set automatically. Meaning they can not adjust their eyes as we can, and bright light will make it harder for them to catch details on items.

Up Close and Personal

Did you know cats need to be about 20 feet away from something to see it clearly? For the average human with 20/20 vision, we can see clearly up to 100-200 feet away! For them something far away may look blurry or blend entirely into the background.

Sharing is caring Mr. Fluffykins! I guess I need to get my own bag of chips.

When something comes closer into clarity this is sometimes why cats can become laser focused on what is right in front of them. Check out this other article we wrote on why cats are colorblind for more fun cat eye facts! I don’t think we can use the same excuse for our laser focus on chips and salsa…but maybe we don’t need an excuse, after all salsa is pretty much all vegetables anyways!

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