How to Stop the War with your Litter Box

Real cat people know that there’s no such thing as a self-cleaning litter box.

I was tired of scooping stinky litter twice a day, so I invented a solution to the order and turmoil! I’m on a mission to help cat people NEVER SCOOP ANOTHER LITTER BOX. With my invention, we eliminate litter box odors for good.


When it comes to litter odors, scooping is the problem. You know those annoying clumps of litter stuck to the bottom of the box? HAVE YOU EVER SMELLED THEM? Those clumps are the reason your litter box stinks. You must eliminate them! Despite what mainstream media would tell you, your scoop is not the weapon to defeat the clumps! When you scoop and hit them, the clumps break, unleashing stinky fury and contaminating all the litter!    

We learned the secret to eliminating litter odors is in the sifting and gentle handling of those pesky clumps.

Contain the odors by keeping the clumps intact. You pour the contents of the litter box through SiftEase. The clean litter is released through the sifter into the holding bin, keeping the clumps calm and preventing them from exploding. The extra stubborn clumps may remain stuck to the bottom of the box; but now you can safely eliminate them by scraping them directly into the trash can! Or call in the explosive ordinance team for disposal.    


Did you know if you use our SiftEase instead of a scoop you’ll be able to reuse the same litter and your litter won’t stink? Imagine a home where smelly clumps are safely disposed of every other day. You no longer have to run to the closest trash bin trying not to vomit while carrying a 20-pound bag of contaminated litter. What would it be like when your cats stop peeing on the couch because they love their clean and tidy litter box? Imagine… oh nevermind. You get the idea.

Clean Litter Doesn't Stink

Stop scooping and get sifting with SiftEase! Come join us on facebook at Clean Litter Club or on Instagram!

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