The Top Cat Movies of All Time

Cats the Musical

cats movie best cat movies of all time
This is the one you should watch
I feel like their facial expressions cover our feelings on the topic of the 2019 production

Do you love a good cat movie?Although the most recent edition of Cats the musical has us waiting to see if it will stay rotten or rise back up as a cult classic for the bizarre CGI and design choices. The original film in 1998 shows the musical in all it’s glory, even though the premise is still quite odd. The original is worth the watch for the score and the beautiful costumes. For the most recent Cats movie…might be worth watching in 50 years when it’s the only thing left in your DVD pile. Actually…probably not even then.

Cats & Dogs

cats and dogs movie family friendly movie movies about pets

This 2001 film is a fun feel good adventure movie that is fit for kids of all ages. You think your cats and dogs are just relaxing at home; but actually cats and dogs have secret spy organizations to carry out their plans! The cats are trying to make all humans allergic to dogs. In a twist of fate a dog that didn’t know about the secret spy world gets caught up in the middle of it. A fun movie if you want some laughs, and can enjoy ‘spy movie’ cliches.

Cat in the Hat

The cat in the hat dr. seuss best cat movies for kids and families

Mike Myers stars in this 2003 comedy alongside Dakota Fanning based off of the popular children’s book by Dr. Suess. The Cat in the Hat brings in all sorts of trouble with Thing 1 and Thing 2; and the fish does not approve at all. This cat movie is full of hi-jinks your kids and you will love; adding more storyline to the book we all know and enjoy! Mike Myer’s personification of the Cat in the Hat is ridiculous and hilarious, making you roll your eyes, and take another bite of your popcorn. To watch another movie based off of Dr. Suess, the Grinch who Stole Christmas starring Jim Carrey is excellently done.

The Lion King

Lion king classic movie clean litter club cat blog best cat movies
My VHS was well worn by the time we got a DVD version.

We couldn’t make a list about cat movies without including this classic. The Lion King raised a generation of those dancing and singing, ‘I can’t wait to be king’. The sequels were also fun, but the moment the hyena stampede ended in the original film there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The live action remake that recently came out is also worth the watch and beautifully done. Disney makes magic, and the Lion King is the crux of that. Although you can’t watch it on video, I highly encourage you to listen to the Broadway soundtrack of the Lion King as it is absolutely stunning.

Puss in Boots

shrek mike myers antonio banderas cat movie fairy tale movie

Shrek changed the game of cartoon animation, funny for both the kids and adults in a whole new way. The vast array of characters from a variety of fairy tales had you looking for Easter Eggs the entire time. Some of which you won’t recognize until you get a little older. In the movie Shrek 2 you meet Puss in Boots, an amazing character we immediately fall in love with; so much so Puss got his own spin-off movie. This is a fun adventure movie that is worth the watch; where Puss goes up against Jack and Jill, who aren’t what you’d expect from two nursery rhyme characters. Not as great as Shrek, but a good time all around.

The Aristocats

The Aristocats disney cat movies animal movies family friendly movies best cat movie cats movie

This cat movie is an oldie, but a goodie. According to Wikipedia, “Disney appointed Ken Anderson to develop preliminary work on The Aristocats. Making it the last film project to be approved by Disney personally before his death in December 1966.” The movie follows Duchess and her three kittens: Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse; as they are thrown out into the Paris countryside by a Butler. He does this so he can keep an inheritance from his employer, as it was to go to the cats first. (I’m sure our cats here at Clean Litter Club love that idea). Watch to see what happens to them! Although this released in 1970, the tunes and story hold up even 50 years later.

The Secret life of Pets

The secret life of pets best cat movie cats movie

Our last movie choice today is a more recent one, and a fun one at that. Have you ever wondered what your cats or dogs do at home? This dog and cat movie follows a few different pets and their adventures of what happens. One of our favorites here is Chloe…who is always hungry. This is a fantastic movie for the family to enjoy. It’ll make you wonder what your dog or cat really did all day while you were gone.

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