Are Rubber Mats Toxic?

are rubber mats toxic? What to look for in a rubber mat, litter mats, cat mats.

Wondering if rubber mats are toxic? Not sure what to look for? Here are our best tips!

Fearless Grip

You step out of the shower, onto a rug, and feel it shift under your feet. Fear floods your system as you think, “I should have bought a no-slip mat!” Don’t know what to look for? Look for mats with 100% rubber bottoms, or mats that are 100% rubber, like ours. This allows them to stick to the floor without leaving marks. Allowing you to shower, wash the floor, cook, or do cartwheels on your floor runner fearlessly.

A 3'x 6' 100% rubber floor mat runner in grey stays in place indoors and outdoors. With subtle decoration matching any decor.

Understated Character

Your mat will have high foot traffic; at the front door, under the kitchen sink, or under the cat litter box. Our Moroccan and Star-Cross designs give our grey and brown mats character to match any in home style colors. No longer do you need to worry if the cerulean will match the teal! Pick the pattern you love most. Your rubber floor mat will look unique and last for years to come.

A Good Clean Feeling

Mats can be easy or hard to clean. You don’t want to realize only after a spill that your mat is spot clean only. Our mats can be thrown in the washer and dryer just like your sheets. Your floor mat should make your life easier, not harder. Each time you wash your mat it gets a little softer! Cushioning your feet and your life.

Size Matters

Who knows what size you want or would be perfect? With our two sizing options, we make it simple for you and take out the guess work. At 2’x6’ our floor runner is perfect for the entry way as folks walk in. Use under the litter box area as well for great texture under your cat’s paws. Our floor mat is the width of your door frame and thin enough to fit under doors. No more doors getting stuck or moving the mat as the door opens! At just under 2’x3’ our mats are great for your kitchen sink area! If any water splashes over, you won’t be splashing down as well!

Mold Resistant

Your mat shouldn’t soak up water like a sponge. Our mat pattern not only looks nice, but allows for speedy evaporation in case of spills or rain. No more moldy mats or having to take a day to dry them out. Little spills can be sopped up with a rag. Big spills can be cleaned with a towel, and shaking your rubber floor mat outside!

Comment below if you have any other things you would add to our list! Place our mats in the kitchen, outside, under the litter box, or your bathroom! We made the mats we wanted that made life easier. We know you’ll agree, order one of our mats today here and see the difference!

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