How to Make a Cat Friendly House

Creating a home our cats feel welcome and relaxed in is important. Between toys your cat to play with, giving your cat their own space, to where you put the litter. All of these things are small actionable ways you can make sure your house cat is content and happy.

Toys can Make or Break a Cat House

Cats love playing. Cat toys have huge variety! Feathers attached to a string, a ping pong ball, jingle bells in a ball cage, laser, catnip, or stuffed mice. Playing with your cat can enhance their bond with you, and stimulate their minds. Animals at the zoo do enrichment; you also want to make sure your cat has ways to entertain themselves during the day. 

Scratch that Itch

Grey and white cat scratching a scratching post while looking at a white toy mouse.  Happy cat house

Scratching an itch for cats is the act of scratching itself. Buying a scratching post is a great way to give your cat a satisfactory scratching place! Cats have scent glands on their paws that can leave a scent on the place they marked. It also helps them remove the outer layer of their claws! This means your cats aren’t scratching for no reason. Have a cozy cat house that includes something to scratch! You can make your own scratching post, or find one at your local pet store!

Litter-aly a Good Idea

SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner

You wouldn’t want to have your bathroom in the kitchen, and neither do cats. Place their litter box in a calm, low traffic area. It is suggested to have 1 more litter box per cat you have. With two cats for example, have three boxes. This may feel like more cleaning for you, but with SiftEase, litter box cleaning has never been easier! Your cats appreciate having a few places to choose from. A quiet space allows them to relieve themselves in peace. 

Friends are Better Together

Everyone loves a friend, and cats are no different! Consider having a second cat for your cats to play together and have social interaction. Whether entertaining themselves while you are out of the house, cuddling, or chasing each other; mental stimulation is great and can keep your cats from destructive behaviors. Make sure to introduce your new cat well though as sometimes there is an adjustment period. 

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

Cheetah Frisco Cat Tree from

Cats love to be nestled into something! Out in the wild they could be prey, and in your house that instinct is still there. Creating spaces where they can feel safe and cozy is important. This can be baskets they can climb in, or cat trees with a hole they can sneak into. Let your cat have their own area. You can even create a tiny cat house for them! Allowing them to set their boundaries when they feel overwhelmed and can calm down on their own is vital.

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