Why Do Cats Purr?

A lot of cat owners have had this same question for many many years: Why does my cat purr? Now, we know pretty well that cats normally purr when they are happy. When they are in a calm environment or are being stroked, or are just comfortable in general, they start purring. But purring can mean multiple different things. If you want to learn more about this, keep on reading!

Can Purring Mean Something Other Than Happiness?

Well, sometimes. Cats can purr because they are nervous. They can purr when they are scared or freaked out, or when they are overly playful.

Cats Purr for Different Reasons:

  • If your cat is happy, and they look very relaxed and still, this could mean your cat is purring because it is in a good mood.
  • Kittens will purr to get their mother’s attention or let them know that they are okay. Kittens can normally start purring when they are a few days old.
  • Some cats purr when they are in pain. Some experts think that purring actually helps cats feel better and heal faster.
  • Cats can purr when they are hungry. Ever notice that when you get out the treats or you feed your cat for the first time for the day, your cat starts purring? That is because they see and are thinking about food.
  • Some cat parents use purring to soothe their kittens. It helps them sleep better, like a lullaby or a nursery song.

There are many different emotions that can be shown by purring. It is good to pay attention to what the cat is doing and what their body language is to figure out why they might be purring. It is honestly really cool that cats can do this and it can mean all sorts of things.

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