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I Dreamed of an Odor-Free Litter Box

Hi! I’m Amy, founder of The Clean Litter Club. Our ‘litter tail’ began in 2017, when migraines caused by the litter box smell started impacting our way of life. We are a family of seven-three of them cats-and I needed a solution that kept my family together. I scooped and tested, but no product delivered a complete solution to cleaning the litter box and resolving the smell. This issue was unresolved for months until I decided: if the litter fix didn’t exist, I’d create it myself.

I began sharing my story with the cat community as I built my prototype. With feedback from other frustrated pet owners, I brainstormed and created a technique that would make cleaning the litter box faster, get rid of the smell, AND save money from buying less litter. The answer was in the Sift, by creating the SiftEase where you pour the litter into the SiftEase from your litter box, and it sifts your litter in one fluid motion—leaving you to dump the clumps and pour the clean litter back into the box. My nose, cats, and family were relieved, and so were other cat owners.

Clean Litter Club is taking the pet industry by storm by designing products that consider your furry friend’s needs first.

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