How to hide the litter box? WHere do i put the litter box? How to clean the litter box

Creative Ways to Hide Your Litter Box in Plain Sight.

As someone who loves cats, I realize cat owners have two major problems across the board. Cleaning your litter box, and where to put it so it’s not an eyesore. We have a solution to both problems; and yes, we are open to receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for this.

Firstly, cleaning your litter box. 

We have an amazing product called SiftEase. It makes cleaning your litter box easier and will save you time and money as you won’t be contaminating your litter anymore. You’ll be using less litter to refill your box and it will take only a little over a minute per box.  Check out our website HERE for details, and the photo below to see how it works!

Ok;  now that we’ve solved how to easily clean your litter box with less stress, let’s talk about how to hide your litter box in plain sight.  There are many clever ways to hide your litter box, Pinterest has some fun examples that we at Clean Litter Club adore.

A Secret Place for Cats

When you live in a small space it is often necessary to keep your litter box in a common area. How can you do that, and not have your guests and families running for the exits? One idea is this cabinet below, you can pick one up at the Habitat Restore or IKEA and with paint and a few tools turn it into a cute cabinet that will hide your box and your SiftEase cleaner. 

There are other clever ways as well;  you can take lattice panels and create your own box to hide the kitty’s potty in; or you can take an old chest, or storage bench and create a nice seating arrangement and a hidy-hole for the litter box.  A side ways lattice laundry basket works well to have a door that opens just for kitty, Jon Snow’s mantle works perfectly making all your guests think it’s just another decorative shelf. They know nothing…even if they’re name isn’t Jon Snow.

Let us know how you hide your litter box in your house, or where you put it. Will you be trying one of these ideas? Keeping it where it is now? Or will you do like I will, toss a laundry basket on the side, and calling it a day?

Which cats live the longest? What cat breeds are most expensive? How long do cats live? Burmese cats siamese sphynx cat

Which Cats Live the Longest?

We all want Ms. Fluffyton the 3rd to live a long abundant life, but can we fix fate? Due to cat breeding, some cats live longer than others. We created our top ten list, but beware, just because a cat has an average lifespan of 15-20 years, doesn’t mean they will live that long. Accidents, illnesses, and other life circumstances can take our furry family away from us before we are ever ready, or before they’ve lived a full life.


Did you know that the Burmese cats were first brought into knowledge in 1930? Due to a scandal in the cat shows in 1947 with people bringing in hybrids, Burmese were actually banned until 1953! These cats are solid but can jump high loving to explore the area around them.


Siamese are one of the world’s most well-known cat breeds. With their piercing blue eyes, one can recall Lady and The Tramp’s twin Siamese Cats. Often lithe, and quick, unlike earlier Siamese cats which often were stockier and would even have crossed eyes.


Looking like a wild cat from the wild because it is cross-bred with a wild cat. F1-F2, first and second-generation Savannah cats can go for $17,000-$22,000! You don’t need a car little Billy, we need a Savannah cat. If you want to save some money, so you can have the cat and the car, you can get a 3rd or 6th generation Savannah for a fraction of the cost.


These beautiful cats are descendants of the siamese cats. When breeders realized their Siamese cats were having long hair that would keep them from competing they thought these cats would be great domestically. Others disagreed, and renamed them Balinese cats, although rare, you can adopt a Balinese kitten for the low price tag of $600. Eating Ramen for a few months seems a small price to pay to stare into those ice-blue eyes for the next 15 years!


Although he looks angry, Nebelung cats are neither German, or unhappy cats. They are the long-haired version of the Russian blue cats with a beautiful double coat. They received official recognition of their breed in 1997, and live up to 18 years, meaning this Gen Z can give the death stare to anyone you need for as long as it takes.

Egyptian Mau

Although it’s in the name, no one really knows where Egyptian Maus first came from. They have some ancestry linked to Turkey, and you can find cats similar to this breed in Egypt today! Either way, this beautiful cat is on the lower end of our age spectrum, but I think the Goddess of cats Bastet would still approve.

Russian Blue

This Russian blue is ready for their close up. With their striking green eyes, they are the Elizabeth Taylor’s of the cat world. They are an older breed, being shown at one of the first international cat shows in 1875! That’s a long time to keep up appearances, but they are just as well-loved today. Due to their popularity a Russian Blue cat won’t break the bank but will be around for many years for you to love.


A Persian cousin, these Ragdolls just want to be adored. Sitting in your lap all day, there is no way you’ll be able to resist their gorgeous faces, soft fluffy fur, and purrs of happiness. Believe it or not, on average Ragdolls are bigger than Maine Coones! Now that’s fur-tastic!


Cats don’t often like water, but Sphynx need to be bathed by hand. Although they look hairless, they actually have a downy fur covering. Although looking like the mistake of a careless witch, these Sphynx cats are sweet, cuddly, and fairly warm. As warm as they are though, don’t let them go sunbathing, as they can get sunburned.

American Shorthair

Looking like a regular grey cat, the American Shorthair cat is Superman in disguise with a life span up to 20 years! With over 80 different color combinations these cats bring the variety to the party!

I hope you loved our list of which cats live the longest! Let us know how long your cat has been around! Make sure your cat is happy and relaxed through the years to help extend their life. For our best tips, click HERE.

Angry cat white and brown hissing at writing for the top 10 cat memes of the decade

Top 10 Cat Memes of the Decade

Memes have been around longer than you might think. Faxes with jokes sent to other businesses or family. Emails with comics, websites focused just on making you laugh. Cat memes started really rolling with the website icanhascheezburger In our current landscape facebook, and Imgur always has new funny cat meme content to love. An еntіrе wоrld of сult-lіkе fоllоwіng has cropped up аѕ funnу cat memes has become оnе of thе mоѕt рорulаr thіngѕ on the internet today.

Here are our ten favorite cat memes from the last decade.

Everyone is over here pointing fingers at the cat just trying to live their best life.

Boss Cat Meme Black cat with a tie

No. Not next Tuesday Karen. We have no time to chase tails on this.

Grumpy cat meme

Not even a nap will fix that face. RIP Grumpy Cat

Coughing cat memes

A better question: Are you actually allergic to cats, Pam? Or do you just hate Mr. Fluffykins?

lord of the rings circle of cats cat memes

One less evil Sauron overlord. More cat overlords. We’ve done the math, it balances out.

front cam cat meme favorite cat memes top cat memes

My what big eyes you have grandma. #FrontCamTellsTooMuchTruth

strutting cat cat meme favorite cat memes top cat memes

Strutting out of clean litter like a rockstar because of SiftEase.

cat meme favorite cat memes top cat memes table cat

This is 100% me. You have the WHOLE WORLD to live in Spider. My doorframe and shower are not included.

cat meme favorite cat memes top

By the blood of my enemies, I swear I will get revenge…in the meantime, I will take a cat nap with some catnip. I need time to prepare appropriately

cat meme favorite cat memes top cat memes shaved cat

Okay Barbara, but we told you haircuts, tattoos, and roller coasters were a bad idea when drinking. Did you listen to us though? Noooo.

Which meme is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! Boss cat, and feather writing cat are ours. Do you think cat memes will continue into the new decade, or will a new animal take over? We are here for all of the cat memes.

Grey cat with curled tail lays on sheepskin rug. What do cat tails mean.

What Cat Tails Mean

We are taught that communication is more than the words you say, and the same goes for cats. They may meow and purr, but the majority of what they are trying to convey can be seen through their body movement and the way they move their cat tails.

Bushy Tails

Just like our eyebrows may shoot up, or tension can go to our shoulders; bushy tails are a quick indicator that your cat is stressing. A low bushy tail says ‘I’m scared’. Do your best to relieve the situation, whether that is removing a human from that area, or calming down your movements. As much as you may want to console your cat at this point, be careful in reaching out as they may react in fear scratching or protecting themselves. A little space, and less noise, or interaction will help them calm down.

If a cat tail is straight up and bushy you need to step back quickly. This is your cat’s way of saying, “I am angry, leave me alone, I will attack if needed”. There is a tendency to want to soothe your cat in this as well by talking and petting them, but take a step back and give your cat time to calm down. They will not understand your words, but they will understand their boundary being crossed after letting you know they are unhappy.

Swishy Cat Tails

Tails that move frantically from side to side; display stress. It can also mean your cat is beginning to feel overwhelmed. If your cat is lazily swishing their tail with no particular rhythm, they are happy and enjoy their time. They may be playing, lazy relaxing while being pet, or just walking around.

Still or curled Cat Tails

A straight tail means your cat’s attention is captured. Could be a mouse, a car passing in the street, or you moving quickly after relaxing. Remember cats have great vision at night, but during day they may take longer to focus their eyes to see clearly. A curled tail can show curiosity. Whether that’s a new toy you have to play with, or that they want to curl up with you. If their tail is curled between their legs, your cat is most likely worrying and afraid. In this instance you can pet your cat calmly. Our pets sense our tension. Staying calm helps our furry friends relax as well

Thank you for reading with us! What tail movement does your cat do most often? Let us know your cat questions in the comments below, and we’ll create a blog post just for you!

Can cats eat christmas dinner? What can grey cat under tree eat

Can Cats Eat Christmas Dinner?

Wondering what your cat can eat at Christmas? Holiday times are filled with friends and family gathered around tables laughing, sharing stories and making plans for future dreams and visions. Pitterpattering around our feet are our pets, smelling the good food and wishing they could enjoy as well. Looking at those big sad eyes makes you want to give them a taste of the delicious food you are enjoying. But what to give them? The last thing you want to do is go to the vet on the day after Christmas or during a holiday because you gave Mr. Freckle chins the II a bite of your chocolate pie.

Chocolate is not a good idea to give to your pets. Sad for them for never being able to taste that ecstasy, but it does mean more for you!

Food items that are safe in small portions to give your cat. Along with any kind of treat, do not let this become your cat’s main meal that day, but you can use this as a small treat to help them enjoy the holidays with you.

White skinless turkey

A little bit of white skinless turkey is perfect for your cat to enjoy. Too much fatty tissue can cause your cat to not feel their best. A bit of dark turkey is good as well, just make sure there are no bones in the piece you give her.

Unseasoned vegetables

Green beans or peas your cat will snatch up. Allowing them to eat a couple off the floor while you are prepping won’t harm them. Once they are seasoned though, you don’t want to give them to your cat to eat at thanksgiving.

Wondering what you should make sure Ms. Sparklespots avoids at all costs? If you see little Jimmy feeding this to your pet make sure to stop it immediately. If your cat has already eaten it observe your cat for any reactions.


Bones can be cooked to be brittle when in the turkey. When your cat chews on the bones they can break in their mouth and puncture their stomach lining. That’s less money to bless others this holiday season- and more money lining your vet bill. Or re-lining your cat’s stomach.


This is a tricky one. You think all meat is good, but because ham is so high in fat, it can actually cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, and pancreatic disease. Pass on Aunt Sue’s Ham for your cat, and let them enjoy a small piece of turkey instead.


Yes-Puppychinos are delectable, but this is not a free pass for all dairy for your cats or dogs. Due to their low body mass; cats are highly susceptible to indigestion and vomiting that can come with taking in a lot of dairy. Did you know many cats are actually lactose-intolerant? This isn’t a cue to pull out the Almond milk for Sassafrass, but let them enjoy water instead. So no, your cat can not eat your pumpkin pie at Christmas.

Garlic and onions.

The best seasonings we love are exactly the ones you should not give to your cat. They can actually cause the destruction of red blood cells. Since much of our holiday foods are made with these seasonings; it’s best to avoid anything made with it altogether to be on the safe side.

Although the list of what your cat can eat at Christmas is small, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you want to treat your cat, get wet food at the store! This way they are in food heaven right along with you! For ideas on how to entertain your cat during holidays with lots of people in the house check out our blog post, keeping kitty happy.

Newborn kitten what you need to know to keep them happy and healthy

How to Care for a Newborn Kitten

A Newborn kitten is the cutest, and also needs special care. In this blog edition: we have a video you can watch, and a written summary below!

It is kitten season right now. The time of year when kittens are left abandoned on the side of the road, or left with their mama. You might find a kitten or a batch of kittens that you might not know how to take care of. Having 3 cats of our own, we wanted to make sure our other cats weren’t stressed. Not bringing the kitten around our other cats- we kept him separated completely. Read this BLOG of ours about introducing new cats. He sleeps through the night at the moment, meaning no night feedings, kittens who are younger may need midnight feedings.

To feed your newborn kitten

You will need formula, we use KMR. Take two small scoops to put in the bottle. Fill it up with room-temperature water, about 2/3 full and shake it up. A good way to check the temperature is to put a little dot on your wrist; making sure you can’t feel anything. Wipes are used to stimulate them to go to the bathroom after you feed them. You will also need a bottle cleaning brush.

Our newborn kitten is 3 weeks old and in the morning we fill the bottle to the 45 cc line. We feed about every 3 hours. He wasn’t drinking this much in the beginning-but now he’s drinking a full line every feeding. When holding them, take a towel and wrap them up so they feel nice and warm and safe. Even though you might be inclined; don’t hold them on their back like a baby to feed them. Instead, hold them upright. They may meow for a minute, but will soon start suckling.

If they don’t suckle right away; act like their momma and pet them between the eyes. That’s where their mom would lick them. In the beginning, we had trouble feeding Vincent, because he wouldn’t take the bottle, and this trick worked for us. Sometimes they’ll need a little break and that’s ok. You just try again.

Things to keep in mind with your newborn kitten

Another thing that you might need for their comfort is a towel; folded up several times on top of a heating pad placed inside a cat kennel. Make sure the towel you have inside of here is fully covering the heating pad. You don’t want your newborn kitten to be burned. Medium or low is perfect. You can leave it on all the time, creating a cozy place for your newborn kitten.

After feeding your newborn kitten.

You might wonder why you don’t need a litter box when you have a newborn kitten. At 2-3 weeks old they don’t often go on their own unless you stimulate them. Hold them like their mother; cleaning the back of their private parts with the wipe to make them go to the bathroom. They’ll actually go to the bathroom right in the wipe. It’s good to have a towel or something on your lap to prevent you from getting messy. Then throw the wipe away and you’re good to go.

Wash your hands, put the bottle back in the refrigerator, a bottle is good for 24 hours. Every day make a fresh bottle. We feed him every 3 hours and then let him run around for a bit then put him back in the carrier. He’ll go right to sleep. In a few hours when he’s hungry, he’ll get up and want to eat again.

Thanks to San Antonio Animal Defense League for their tireless work in saving and caring for animals. Subscribe and find us on facebook Clean Litter Club or on Instagram @TheCleanLitterClub

Are Cats Colorblind?

Sometimes we wonder what cats actually see; are cats actually colorblind? When they freeze and stare out the window, what do they see? When they look at us, what do they really notice? We dove into the eye realm of cats to give you three ways cat vision is different than ours!

A black cat with yellow eyes stares to the right. Are cats colorblind? Can they see at night? How well can cats see?

Night Vision

Cats have a higher ability to see at night, and in more detail. Cats have 6-8 times more rod cells than we do, which allows them to take in more light. We can adjust our pupil dilation to help let in more light to see, but not at the same clarity your cat will have. Much like the iPhone setting to adjust in light and dark, your cat has the ‘absorb as much light possible’ setting set automatically. Meaning they can not adjust their eyes as we can, and bright light will make it harder for them to catch details on items.

Up Close and Personal

Did you know cats need to be about 20 feet away from something to see it clearly? For the average human with 20/20 vision, we can see clearly up to 100-200 feet away! For them something far away may look blurry or blend entirely into the background. When something comes closer into clarity this is sometimes why cats can become laser focused on what is right in front of them.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Humans have 10 times the amount of cones in their eyes than cats, which means cats can’t see as many colors, but they see a range it is just a bit muted. Cats on the other hand have more rods so there are pros and cons to both sides! Cats can see more colors than dogs, but are limited in their color spectrum to muted shades of what we can see. So yes, your cat Mr. Squeaky loves your new hair color…it just doesn’t look as drastic as you think.

Did you think cats are colorblind? What surprises you the most about the above? How well they can see at night? How close they have to be? Or that they can see as many colors as we can, just not as bright? Let us know below and leave a comment on what you would like to learn next! 

Want to learn more? Click here to learn how to keep your kitty happy!

How to Keep Your Kitty Happy

Are away from your darling pet due to work, or other commitments?  Do you find when you finally get home that your kitty has left some unpleasant surprises for you? If this is the case; your cat may be bored and lonely. Acting out to let you know of their unhappiness. Not to fear though, we can help you make kitty happy again!

Here are five things you can do, making your cat’s life more entertaining when you have to be away!  Making kitty happy, and separation time more enjoyable.

  1. Cat’s love to explore! Leave an empty box or bag for them to hide in, or bat around.
  2. Have interesting items for your cat to watch! We recently invested in a bird feeder that is clear and attaches to our window. Our cats will sit there for hours waiting for hungry birds to come to visit.  Make sure you have window sills your cat has access to- they love to people watch as well. We all know cats are great at judging people.
  3. Hunting for food or treats is another fun activity.  Cats are natural hunters. Hide food throughout the house for them to find. Make note of where you’re putting it if you don’t want to find food 6 months from now. You can also find food dispensing toys, or a timed feeder to make mealtime more interesting.
  4. In this world of innovation, there are now ‘cat bags’ available! Allowing you to take your cat outside with you when you’re relaxing after a hard day at work.  These are safe and enjoyable! There are also retractable cat leashes allowing your cat to pounce around outside safely.
  5. Most important however is interactive playtime with you.  Take time to play with your pet when you are home. Using interactive toys, you can teach them tricks. Play games you make up to keep kitty happy, healthy and active.

Get our FREE GUIDE with 25 DIY Ideas for Cat Lovers!

Let us know your ideas to make kitty happy when you have to be away! Having issues with your cat acting up while you are away? Check out our blog about how we stopped our cat from peeing on the furniture.

Striped cat in front of the yellow and white litter box. How to eliminate litter box odor.

How To Eliminate Litter Box Odor

I really despise litter box odor. I’ve tried just about everything to nix them. We have three cats along with three litter boxes, so when it’s bad, it’s bad.  The different models of self-cleaning and sifting litter boxes all have the same flaw in that the nasty litter waste goo gets stuck in the cleaning apparatus and at the bottom of the litter box.  Frustrated with new ideas, we switched back to a standard high sided litter box and scoop.

The recommendations by veterinarians and pet care associations for reducing litter box odors are: 

1. Clean the litter box at least once daily

2. Don’t use plastic litter liners (this can cause more odor where urine pools and the plastic can also snag on your cat’s claws)

3. Place the litter box in a room with lots of open air space.

It seems easy, right? WRONG!  We were scooping our litter boxes twice daily and we could still smell them! We were spending more time than we wanted on the litter boxes, constantly changing out the litter to reduce odors, with no foreseeable difference.

This really bothered me. I’m a problem solver by nature and I couldn’t believe there wasn’t another solution.  So, I invented one.

 I needed a way to quickly clean the litter box without all that tedious scooping. I wanted a way to reduce odors and spend less time cleaning the litter box.

SiftEase is one of our inventions which makes cleaning the litter box easier, with no scooping. Also makes for no litter box odor because you separate the clean and dirty litter from each other!

After a few weeks of prototyping, my invention “SiftEase” was born.  SiftEase is a separate device from the litter box. You pour the dirty litter box contents into SiftEase, and it does all the cleaning for you.  Waste is quickly and easily separated from clean litter, no scooping or sifting necessary on the part of the user.

Even better, I discovered after using SiftEase for a few days that the litter box odors had disappeared! I no longer smelled the litter box, even if I was in the same room.

I realized I had discovered the secret to eliminating litter box odor!  Remember that litter waste goo I mentioned earlier? Turns out it is THE STINKIEST GOO IN EXISTENCE!  So when you “clean” your litter box by using self-cleaning apparatus or a scoop, you are breaking up this goo and stirring it in with clean litter instead of completely removing it. Meaning: even after cleaning, the litter box still stinks.

Litter boxes and litter box scoops often get clumps of litter that stink up your box. With SiftEase we remove these clumps allowing for your litter box to be clean.

The reason SiftEase eliminates the odor is because waste is separated from the clean litter outside of the litter box. Keeping the litter you put back in your litter box clean and odorless.

 The stinky waste clumps stay in the sifting basket as the clean litter passes through to the bottom bin.  If there’s any goo left stuck to the bottom of the litter box, you can remove and dispose of it without mixing it into the clean litter.  When I invented SiftEase I had no idea it would help you remove litter box odor too!  I’m just glad it worked out that way. Order your SiftEase today to get rid of that litter box odor and to make your life easier!

A black and white cat looks at a small toy, the best interactive cat toys

The Best Interactive Cat Toys

When my three cats aren’t napping in my favorite spot on the couch they love playing with their favorite interactive cat toys! Some of those are things around the house they have claimed for their own. While others are toys we purchased or created for our CLC Interactive Cat Toys Set!

According to veterinarians, cats may display excessive attention-seeking, vocalizations, chasing inappropriate moving objects like your feet when bored. Even excessive clawing or scratching up of the carpet, walls, and sofa. If your kitty is biting your ankles and clawing everything up, it’s time to engage her with healthy play instead. It’s also a great idea to have a scratching post or two around for maintaining claws…without using your new sofa.

Cats are predatory animals; even though we have domesticated them, they still have wild hunting instincts. It’s important to keep them indoors for protection from infectious diseases and parasites as well as larger predators.

I’ll break down the cat toys you can buy, make yourself, or things you may have around the house!

Ball Toys

My cats love balls! They love bouncy balls they can bat and chase. Crinkle shimmer balls that are lightweight and sound like bugs they can chase. My cats also love balls made of wood wrapping because they can chew on them and carry them around. I had a bowl of these decorative balls from Hobby Lobby and my cats have stolen all of them!

Quick tip: Put your cat toy collection in a bowl on the coffee table! Helping them hone their hunting instincts while keeping them away from your bowl of chicken at dinner time.


Of course, toy mice had to be included! Cats love to bat at them and carry them around. There’s a large variety of mice on the market with different textures: fur, burlap, sisal, wool, rope, feathered tails and more. For this reason we’ve included a large variety of mice in our cat toy variety pack.

Wands and Strings

A wand with a feathered toy on the end drives my kitties mad! They jump in the air, grab and bite and try to run away with it. I love these wands for bonding with my kitties. Guard your craft storage and bathroom drawers, because sometimes kitties like to play with pipe cleaners and hair ties.

Anything natural, sisal, or burlap with feathers

Cats love the little sisal and burlap toys because of the texture. Chewing them is great for cleaning their teeth and encouraging positive chewing habits. (Instead of biting your feet under the blanket)

Small stuffed animals

My kids have a toy farm set with all of these little stuffed farm animals. These animals range from 2-3 inches and are soft and stuffed. Our cats have taken all the animals hostage, and they are now scattered around the house. They love to carry them around in their mouths. Better a stuffed rat, than a dead rotting one!

Since some cats are picky, it’s helpful to have a variety of playful options scattered around your home. Just in case kitty decides to unleash his ninja skills by swatting, batting, chasing, or kicking a toy.  Its also helpful to have a toy schedule where you rotate out various toys. I have a toy basket, and I’ll put a few out at a time. Miss Fluffykins usually goes into the basket and pulls out her favorite toys; despite my best efforts to rotate them out.

Thanks for reading about our favorite interactive cat toys! Since you made it this far we’d love to give you our favorite interactive cat toys set for free! Just pay shipping! Click this link to enjoy your new toys! Enjoy!