cat home alone

Keeping Kitty Happy


How many of you are away from your darling pet due to work, or other commitments?  Do you find when you finally get home that your kitty has left some unpleasant surprises for you?  Well if this is the case your cat may be bored and lonely so they are acting out to let you know of their unhappiness.  

Let’s talk about a few fun things you can do to make your cat’s life more entertaining when you have to be away.  I have found some fun ideas for you to try to make separation time more enjoyable for your fur baby.

  1. Cat’s love to explore, perhaps you can leave an empty box or bag for them to hide in, or bat around.
  2. Make sure you have interesting items for your cat to watch, we just invested in a bird feeder that is clear and attaches to the outside window, our cats will sit there for hours waiting for hungry birds to come to visit.  Make sure you have window sills your cat has access to, they love to people watch as well.
  3. Hunting for their food or treats is another fun activity.  Cats are hunters, you can hide food throughout the house;(make note of where you’re putting it you don’t want to find food 6 months from now.)  You can also find food dispensing toys, or a timed feeder to make meal time more interesting.
  4. In this world of innovation, we now have ‘cat tents’ available so you can safely take your cat outside to spend time with you when you’re “chillin” after a hard day at work.  These are safe and enjoyable, or you can find cat leases that are retractable so your fur baby can pounce around outside safely.
  5. Another idea;  in fact I feel this is most important is interactive play time with mom, dad, and the kids.  Take time to play with your pet, use interactive toys, you can teach them tricks for treats; there are games you can make up to keep your pet healthy and active.
  6. You can take bottles put a few treats inside, leave the lid off and have your cat figure out how to get them out; or catnip toys, our fur babies go nuts over these.

I hope this has helped you with ideas to spice up time for your cat when you have to be away and when you want some interaction time as well.