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Which Cats Live the Longest?

We all want Ms. Fluffyton the 3rd to live a long abundant life, but can we fix fate? Due to cat breeding, some cats live longer than others. We created our top ten list, but beware, just because a cat has an average lifespan of 15-20 years, doesn’t mean they will live that long. Accidents, illnesses, and other life circumstances can take our furry family away from us before we are ever ready, or before they’ve lived a full life.


Did you know that the Burmese cats were first brought into knowledge in 1930? Due to a scandal in the cat shows in 1947 with people bringing in hybrids, Burmese were actually banned until 1953! These cats are solid but can jump high loving to explore the area around them.


Siamese are one of the world’s most well-known cat breeds. With their piercing blue eyes, one can recall Lady and The Tramp’s twin Siamese Cats. Often lithe, and quick, unlike earlier Siamese cats which often were stockier and would even have crossed eyes.


Looking like a wild cat from the wild because it is cross-bred with a wild cat. F1-F2, first and second-generation Savannah cats can go for $17,000-$22,000! You don’t need a car little Billy, we need a Savannah cat. If you want to save some money, so you can have the cat and the car, you can get a 3rd or 6th generation Savannah for a fraction of the cost.


These beautiful cats are descendants of the siamese cats. When breeders realized their Siamese cats were having long hair that would keep them from competing they thought these cats would be great domestically. Others disagreed, and renamed them Balinese cats, although rare, you can adopt a Balinese kitten for the low price tag of $600. Eating Ramen for a few months seems a small price to pay to stare into those ice-blue eyes for the next 15 years!


Although he looks angry, Nebelung cats are neither German, or unhappy cats. They are the long-haired version of the Russian blue cats with a beautiful double coat. They received official recognition of their breed in 1997, and live up to 18 years, meaning this Gen Z can give the death stare to anyone you need for as long as it takes.

Egyptian Mau

Although it’s in the name, no one really knows where Egyptian Maus first came from. They have some ancestry linked to Turkey, and you can find cats similar to this breed in Egypt today! Either way, this beautiful cat is on the lower end of our age spectrum, but I think the Goddess of cats Bastet would still approve.

Russian Blue

This Russian blue is ready for their close up. With their striking green eyes, they are the Elizabeth Taylor’s of the cat world. They are an older breed, being shown at one of the first international cat shows in 1875! That’s a long time to keep up appearances, but they are just as well-loved today. Due to their popularity a Russian Blue cat won’t break the bank but will be around for many years for you to love.


A Persian cousin, these Ragdolls just want to be adored. Sitting in your lap all day, there is no way you’ll be able to resist their gorgeous faces, soft fluffy fur, and purrs of happiness. Believe it or not, on average Ragdolls are bigger than Maine Coones! Now that’s fur-tastic!


Cats don’t often like water, but Sphynx need to be bathed by hand. Although they look hairless, they actually have a downy fur covering. Although looking like the mistake of a careless witch, these Sphynx cats are sweet, cuddly, and fairly warm. As warm as they are though, don’t let them go sunbathing, as they can get sunburned.

American Shorthair

Looking like a regular grey cat, the American Shorthair cat is Superman in disguise with a life span up to 20 years! With over 80 different color combinations these cats bring the variety to the party!

I hope you loved our list of which cats live the longest! Let us know how long your cat has been around! Make sure your cat is happy and relaxed through the years to help extend their life. For our best tips, click HERE.

Angry cat white and brown hissing at writing for the top 10 cat memes of the decade

Top 10 Cat Memes of the Decade

Memes have been around longer than you might think. Faxes with jokes sent to other businesses or family. Emails with comics, websites focused just on making you laugh. Cat memes started really rolling with the website icanhascheezburger In our current landscape facebook, and Imgur always has new funny cat meme content to love. An еntіrе wоrld of сult-lіkе fоllоwіng has cropped up аѕ funnу cat memes has become оnе of thе mоѕt рорulаr thіngѕ on the internet today.

Here are our ten favorite cat memes from the last decade.

Everyone is over here pointing fingers at the cat just trying to live their best life.

Boss Cat Meme Black cat with a tie

No. Not next Tuesday Karen. We have no time to chase tails on this.

Grumpy cat meme

Not even a nap will fix that face. RIP Grumpy Cat

Coughing cat memes

A better question: Are you actually allergic to cats, Pam? Or do you just hate Mr. Fluffykins?

lord of the rings circle of cats cat memes

One less evil Sauron overlord. More cat overlords. We’ve done the math, it balances out.

front cam cat meme favorite cat memes top cat memes

My what big eyes you have grandma. #FrontCamTellsTooMuchTruth

strutting cat cat meme favorite cat memes top cat memes

Strutting out of clean litter like a rockstar because of SiftEase.

cat meme favorite cat memes top cat memes table cat

This is 100% me. You have the WHOLE WORLD to live in Spider. My doorframe and shower are not included.

cat meme favorite cat memes top

By the blood of my enemies, I swear I will get revenge…in the meantime, I will take a cat nap with some catnip. I need time to prepare appropriately

cat meme favorite cat memes top cat memes shaved cat

Okay Barbara, but we told you haircuts, tattoos, and roller coasters were a bad idea when drinking. Did you listen to us though? Noooo.

Which meme is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! Boss cat, and feather writing cat are ours. Do you think cat memes will continue into the new decade, or will a new animal take over? We are here for all of the cat memes.

Grey cat with curled tail lays on sheepskin rug. What do cat tails mean.

What Cat Tails Mean

We are taught that communication is more than the words you say, and the same goes for cats. They may meow and purr, but the majority of what they are trying to convey can be seen through their body movement and the way they move their cat tails.

Bushy Tails

Just like our eyebrows may shoot up, or tension can go to our shoulders; bushy tails are a quick indicator that your cat is stressing. A low bushy tail says ‘I’m scared’. Do your best to relieve the situation, whether that is removing a human from that area, or calming down your movements. As much as you may want to console your cat at this point, be careful in reaching out as they may react in fear scratching or protecting themselves. A little space, and less noise, or interaction will help them calm down.

If a cat tail is straight up and bushy you need to step back quickly. This is your cat’s way of saying, “I am angry, leave me alone, I will attack if needed”. There is a tendency to want to soothe your cat in this as well by talking and petting them, but take a step back and give your cat time to calm down. They will not understand your words, but they will understand their boundary being crossed after letting you know they are unhappy.

Swishy Cat Tails

Tails that move frantically from side to side; display stress. It can also mean your cat is beginning to feel overwhelmed. If your cat is lazily swishing their tail with no particular rhythm, they are happy and enjoy their time. They may be playing, lazy relaxing while being pet, or just walking around.

Still or curled Cat Tails

A straight tail means your cat’s attention is captured. Could be a mouse, a car passing in the street, or you moving quickly after relaxing. Remember cats have great vision at night, but during day they may take longer to focus their eyes to see clearly. A curled tail can show curiosity. Whether that’s a new toy you have to play with, or that they want to curl up with you. If their tail is curled between their legs, your cat is most likely worrying and afraid. In this instance you can pet your cat calmly. Our pets sense our tension. Staying calm helps our furry friends relax as well

Thank you for reading with us! What tail movement does your cat do most often? Let us know your cat questions in the comments below, and we’ll create a blog post just for you!