Grey cat with curled tail lays on sheepskin rug. What do cat tails mean.

What Cat Tails Mean

We are taught that communication is more than the words you say, and the same goes for cats. They may meow and purr, but the majority of what they are trying to convey can be seen through their body movement and the way they move their cat tails.

Bushy Tails

Just like our eyebrows may shoot up, or tension can go to our shoulders; bushy tails are a quick indicator that your cat is stressing. A low bushy tail says ‘I’m scared’. Do your best to relieve the situation, whether that is removing a human from that area, or calming down your movements. As much as you may want to console your cat at this point, be careful in reaching out as they may react in fear scratching or protecting themselves. A little space, and less noise, or interaction will help them calm down.

If a cat tail is straight up and bushy you need to step back quickly. This is your cat’s way of saying, “I am angry, leave me alone, I will attack if needed”. There is a tendency to want to soothe your cat in this as well by talking and petting them, but take a step back and give your cat time to calm down. They will not understand your words, but they will understand their boundary being crossed after letting you know they are unhappy.

Swishy Cat Tails

Tails that move frantically from side to side; display stress. It can also mean your cat is beginning to feel overwhelmed. If your cat is lazily swishing their tail with no particular rhythm, they are happy and enjoy their time. They may be playing, lazy relaxing while being pet, or just walking around.

Still or curled Cat Tails

A straight tail means your cat’s attention is captured. Could be a mouse, a car passing in the street, or you moving quickly after relaxing. Remember cats have great vision at night, but during day they may take longer to focus their eyes to see clearly. A curled tail can show curiosity. Whether that’s a new toy you have to play with, or that they want to curl up with you. If their tail is curled between their legs, your cat is most likely worrying and afraid. In this instance you can pet your cat calmly. Our pets sense our tension. Staying calm helps our furry friends relax as well

Thank you for reading with us! What tail movement does your cat do most often? Let us know your cat questions in the comments below, and we’ll create a blog post just for you!

Can cats eat christmas dinner? What can grey cat under tree eat

Can Cats Eat Christmas Dinner?

Wondering what your cat can eat at Christmas? Holiday times are filled with friends and family gathered around tables laughing, sharing stories and making plans for future dreams and visions. Pitterpattering around our feet are our pets, smelling the good food and wishing they could enjoy as well. Looking at those big sad eyes makes you want to give them a taste of the delicious food you are enjoying. But what to give them? The last thing you want to do is go to the vet on the day after Christmas or during a holiday because you gave Mr. Freckle chins the II a bite of your chocolate pie.

Chocolate is not a good idea to give to your pets. Sad for them for never being able to taste that ecstasy, but it does mean more for you!

Food items that are safe in small portions to give your cat. Along with any kind of treat, do not let this become your cat’s main meal that day, but you can use this as a small treat to help them enjoy the holidays with you.

White skinless turkey

A little bit of white skinless turkey is perfect for your cat to enjoy. Too much fatty tissue can cause your cat to not feel their best. A bit of dark turkey is good as well, just make sure there are no bones in the piece you give her.

Unseasoned vegetables

Green beans or peas your cat will snatch up. Allowing them to eat a couple off the floor while you are prepping won’t harm them. Once they are seasoned though, you don’t want to give them to your cat to eat at thanksgiving.

Wondering what you should make sure Ms. Sparklespots avoids at all costs? If you see little Jimmy feeding this to your pet make sure to stop it immediately. If your cat has already eaten it observe your cat for any reactions.


Bones can be cooked to be brittle when in the turkey. When your cat chews on the bones they can break in their mouth and puncture their stomach lining. That’s less money to bless others this holiday season- and more money lining your vet bill. Or re-lining your cat’s stomach.


This is a tricky one. You think all meat is good, but because ham is so high in fat, it can actually cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, and pancreatic disease. Pass on Aunt Sue’s Ham for your cat, and let them enjoy a small piece of turkey instead.


Yes-Puppychinos are delectable, but this is not a free pass for all dairy for your cats or dogs. Due to their low body mass; cats are highly susceptible to indigestion and vomiting that can come with taking in a lot of dairy. Did you know many cats are actually lactose-intolerant? This isn’t a cue to pull out the Almond milk for Sassafrass, but let them enjoy water instead. So no, your cat can not eat your pumpkin pie at Christmas.

Garlic and onions.

The best seasonings we love are exactly the ones you should not give to your cat. They can actually cause the destruction of red blood cells. Since much of our holiday foods are made with these seasonings; it’s best to avoid anything made with it altogether to be on the safe side.

Although the list of what your cat can eat at Christmas is small, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you want to treat your cat, get wet food at the store! This way they are in food heaven right along with you! For ideas on how to entertain your cat during holidays with lots of people in the house check out our blog post, keeping kitty happy.