The Best Interactive Cat Toys to Engage your Furbaby

If it was up to me I’d hang out with my cats more, we’d nap, clean ourselves, stretch, nap some more, eat, and maybe play a little until our next nap. Unfortunately, I have to leave them home alone sometimes while I go do human things. I try to keep them occupied with a variety of their favorite toys that they can play with by themselves or together while they’re home alone.

Cats are usually most active at night and early morning due to their nocturnal nature and as evidenced by what sounds like a wild party outside the bedroom door after midnight. When my three cats aren’t napping in my favorite spot on the couch they play with their favorite cat toys. Some of these are things around the house they have claimed for their own and others are toys we purchased or created for our CLC Signature Brand based on their preferences. Of course the cats give us our best product ideas!

The best toys for indoor cats is a variety that will keep your cat amused and healthy. Cats are predatory animals and even though we have domesticated them, they still have those wild instincts of hunting using their keen eyesight, agile muscles, and sharp teeth and claws. It’s important to keep them indoors for protection from infectious diseases and parasites as well as larger predators. But how can we keep them our beloved furbabies from getting bored and suffering from obesity, loneliness, and other stress related illnesses?

Veterinarians note some signs cats often show when bored are excessive attention seeking, vocalisations, chasing inappropriate moving objects like your feet, and excessive clawing or scratching up of the carpet, walls, and sofa. If your kitty is biting your ankles and clawing everything up, it might be time to engage her with some healthy play instead. It’s also a great idea to have a scratching post or two around for maintaining claws safely apart from your new sofa.

So I’ll break down the cat toys you can buy, make yourself, or things you may have discovered your cats have stolen without you realizing it. These toys would be ideal and likely your best bet to leave out for cats to engage their natural hunting instinct, quirky personalities, and curiosity to keep them active and free of boredom.

Since some cats are picky and completely random in their bursts of energy and craziness, it’s helpful to have a variety of playful options scattered around your home, just in case kitty decides to unleash his ninja skills by swatting, batting, chasing, or kicking a toy.  Its also helpful to have a toy schedule where you rotate out various toys. I have a little toy basket I keep all of them in and I’ll put a few out at a time. I usually find Daphne has gone into the basket and pulled out her favorite toys despite my best efforts to rotate them out.

Balls – My cats love balls! They love the bouncy balls they can bat and chase, the crinkle shimmer balls that are lightweight and noisy to imitate that bug they can chase and eat (gross!) and they love the balls made of the sticks wound together because they can chew on them and carry them around. I had a bowl of these decorative balls from Hobby Lobby and my cats have stolen all of them! So maybe put your cat toy ball collection in a bowl on the table, very effective for their hunting instincts and keeps them away from your bowl of chicken at dinner time.

Mice – Of course toy mice had to be included cats love to bat at them and carry them around. There’s a large variety of mice on the market with different textures such as fur, burlap, sisal, wool, rope, feathered tails and more. For this reason we’ve included a large variety of mice in our cat toy variety pack. Variety is a cat at home alone’s best friend when it comes to not getting bored with toys available for playing by him or herself.

Wands and Strings – The bouncy wand teaser with a feathered toy on the end drives my kitties mad! They jump in the air, grab and bite and try to run away with it. I love these wands for bonding with my kitties but when they play alone they love pipe cleaners and hair ties. Guard your craft storage and bathroom drawers! Just kidding, let kitty play with it, it’s fun. My daughter loves to use dental floss tied to take Minxy for a “walk”. She chases it and bites it, I’m sure she loves the minty dental floss between her teeth.

Anything natural, sisal, or burlap with feathers – cats love the little sisal and burlap toys because of the natural textures. They can pick them up and chew on them. This is also great for cleaning their teeth and encouraging positive chewing habits (instead of biting your feet under the blanket).

The balls, wand, and natural toys inspired our 20 piece interactive cat toy collection. There is a great variety of balls, mice, burlap, and sisal toys to keep your kitty busy for days, or whenever he feels like it when he’s not napping.


Small stuffed animals – My kids have a toy farm set with all of these little stuffed farm animals. These animals range from 2-3 inches and are soft and stuffed. Our cats have taken all of them from the farm and they are scattered around the house. They love to carry them around in their mouths. I remember when I had outdoor cats they would always bring me gifts from outside such as live mice. This must be satisfying this need for my kitties. Right now we are developing some cool cat toys to satisfy this need. Subscribe to our mailing list for a launch notification.

Catnip Kicker Toys – Cats are crazy for anything catnip. I once asked in an online forum what were the favorite toys of readers cats. I got a bunch of responses for catnip cigars. I didn’t know what these were so I Amazon’d them of course. They are basically stuffed sticks that cats can grab and kick. There are also bananas and fish with the same idea. My cats played with these for a bit and moved on.

Since my cats love strings and attachments to stuffed toys such as arms and legs (see the farm animal example above). We developed a new kind of catnip kicker toy with stringy legs and tails that our readers cats can’t get enough of. Our cats absolutely love them and play with them every day. There is a fish with a flowy tail, a furry rat with a stringy tail, and a stick man with legs and hair. They also have crinkle paper, bells, and organic catnip stuffed inside. My cats carry them around like their babies and I often catch Lulu laying on top of them like a mama cat. You can get these here

Thanks for reading about our favorite cat toys! Since you made it this far we’d love to give you our favorite 20 piece cat toy set free , just pay shipping! Just click this link and the coupon code will be added to your cart automatically at checkout! Enjoy!