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The Benefits of Having a Cat

Cats bring Joy G M's Cat There are many benefits of having a cat. Cats make us laugh in so many ways. One of them being the faces they make when we call their names, or ask if they are hungry. GM shared, 'I love her weird little face'.…
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Product Review: Arm & Hammer Slide Litter

Review of Arm and Hammer Slide Litter for multiple cats.  Hello, Amy here from Clean Litter Club, and today we’re going to be reviewing the Slide litter by Arm and Hammer. Arm and Hammer claims that the slide litter does not stick to the bottom of the box and slides right off. We’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and we have rather large top entry litter boxes. I have to say compared to some of my other litter my first impressions, it does still stick to the bottom of the box but it slides off when you touch it with the scoop so it’s not so bad. 
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Which Corona Cat are you?

During this time of Corona, we here at Clean Litter Club have noticed a trend in how the humans are reacting. To explain this trend and the various responses we have divided them into four types of cats: Crazy Cat, Cozy Cat, Cautious Cat and…
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How to Repurpose a Stool as Cat Furniture

This weekend I decided to get some inspiration from Pinterest and create some fun cat furniture and cat towers out of old bar stools. I created two different styles and used mostly things I had laying around the house to repurpose.
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The SiftEase: a Better, Easier way to Clean the Litter Box

With the broad range of litter box options on the market, some might wonder why bother with another new idea? Hasn’t it already been done? For me the answer was no. I suffer from severe chronic migraines, and my headaches are triggered by lights, sounds, certain foods, and smells. The litter box was one of those smells.  

SiftEase solved this problem.

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Cat Facts

Do you love cat facts? Here at Clean Litter Club we do too! We have 3 co-workers who are cats, and we constantly crack up at their ridiculousness. Here are some of our favorite cat facts for you to enjoy, along with shareable memes!
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Can my Cat get Coronavirus?

People are asking 'can my pet get COVID-19? We are here to help relieve your stress and tell you, although yes it is technically possible, the odds of your cat getting COVID-19 is slim to none. COVID-19 is a coronavirus strain that is new,…
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Can Cats Eat Easter Dinner?

Wondering what your cat can eat at Easter? Holiday times are filled with friends and family gathered around tables laughing, sharing stories and making plans for future dreams and visions.
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How to Stop Your Cat Peeing Outside the Litter Box

First, rule out any health issues by taking your cat to your veterinarian.  If your cat checks out healthy, then there may be a very simple problem with a very simple solution. More than likely she is trying to tell you something.

if none of these products helped in stopping your cat from peeing on your sofa or bed, the solution that worked for us was an electronic Scat Mat.  This unique pet deterrent provides a three-second safe static shock to your pet, once her paws land on the mat. See the video of how we implemented this solution. So far our cat has not tried to get past our scat mat barrier to the upstairs furniture and she’s been using her litter box exclusively ever since we removed her access to her favorite alternate litter box. Hope some of these kitty tips and solutions work for you.

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Professional Cat Grooming and Its Benefits

Grooming is an integral part of the health and well being of cats. While other cat owners are satisfied in giving home care to their feline friends, taking them to professional groomers is still highly recommended. These experts have the right tools and equipment for pet grooming that is essential in the proper handling of cats.