Siftease litter box cleaner

How Can You Clean a Litter Box in 60 Seconds? Watch It Work!

People Love Our Patented Solution to Litter Box Cleaning...

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The Benefits of Cleaning the Litter Box with SiftEase

Faster & Easier Than Scooping

Stop scooping the litter box, breaking up clumps and causing strong odors.

Simply pour the litter box into SiftEase – eliminate odors and reuse the litter over and over, saving time and money!

Pays for Itself in One Month

THE LITTER BOX STINKS EVEN AFTER CLEANING because using a cat litter scoop breaks up stinky clumps and contaminates the clean litter.

SIFTING LITTER BOXES DON’T WORK because the clumps clog up the slots and break apart causing odors and complicated cleanup.

Using SiftEase ELIMINATES LITTER BOX ODORS by effectively separating and removing stinky clumps, allowing you to reuse the same litter over and over again for up to 20 days! 

Happy Cats, Happy Hoomans

KEEP KITTY HAPPY AND HEALTHY. No one likes cleaning the litter box, but imagine how your cat feels when entering the scary temple of doom that hasn’t been cleaned in awhile.

Clean litter helps with behavioral problems of the cat skipping the box. You’ll love how fast and easy this chore is with SiftEase. Most of all, you and your cat will notice that the litter box DOESN’T STINK ANYMORE. Odor free makes everyone happy

Multiple Litter Boxes or Large Litter Box?

No worries, once you get used to the SiftEase method you’ll be able to clean several litter boxes at once in just a few minutes compared to the time it used to take to dig for treasures with a scoop or take apart that self cleaning or automatic litter box to clean it.

Large litter boxes work too. If you can lift it, you can use SiftEase to clean it