Keeping Kitty Happy

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Are you away from your darling pet due to work or other commitments?  Do you find when you finally get home that your kitty has left some unpleasant surprises for you? If this is the case; your cat may be bored and lonely. Acting out to let you know of their unhappiness. Not to fear though, we can help you make kitty happy again!

Here are five things you can do, making your cat’s life more entertaining when you have to be away!  Making kitty happy, and separation time more enjoyable.

Exploring Time!

Cat’s love to explore! Leave an empty box or bag for them to hide in, or bat around. Since cats are just in the house you don’t want them to get bored, leaving a new curious thing every so often helps them feel like there are still possibilities within your home. More time for exploring means less time for scratching your couch.

I’m watching you Wazowski.

Have interesting items for your cat to watch! We recently invested in a bird feeder that is clear and attaches to our window. Our cats will sit there for hours waiting for hungry birds to come to visit.  Make sure you have window sills your cat has access to- they love to people watch as well. We all know cats are great at judging people.

Hide and Seek

Hunting for food or treats is another fun activity.  Cats are natural hunters. Hide food throughout the house for them to find. Make note of where you’re putting it if you don’t want to find food six months from now. You can also find food dispensing toys, or a timed feeder to make mealtime more interesting.

Adventure is out there!

In this world of innovation, there are now ‘cat bags’ available! Allowing you to take your cat outside with you when you’re relaxing after a hard day at work.  These are safe and enjoyable! There are also retractable cat leashes allowing your cat to pounce around outside safely. Many cats are happy as clams to be inside all day, but if you have a cat that is dying to explore the great wide somewhere, but you don’t want them to run off, especially if they aren’t spayed, this is a fun option for you!

Me and you, you and me, so happy together!

Most important however is interactive playtime with you.  Take time to play with your pet when you are home. Using interactive toys, you can teach them tricks. Play games you make up to keep kitty happy, healthy and active. If your cat likes to snuggle you can put them on your shoulder and talk to them like a pirate!

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Let us know your ideas to make kitty happy when you have to be away! Having issues with your cat acting up while you are away? Check out our blog about how we stopped our cat from peeing on the furniture.

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